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  An ant is walking by the river. He looks at the river and says to himself, “How nice and cool this water looks! I must drink some of it.” But when he is drinking, he slips into the river.

  “Oh.Help!Help!” The ant cries,

  A dove is sitting in the tree. She hears him and throws him a leaf, “Climb up that leaf,” she says “and you will float bank.”

  The ant climbs uo onto the leaf, and the wind blows the leaf to the bank. And the ant is saved.

  “Thank you, Dove. You’re so kind,” The ant says and runs home, “You have saved my life, and I wish I could do something for you, Goodbye!”

  “Goodbye!” says the dove, “Be careful. Not to fall into the river again.”

  After a few days, the dove is building her nest. And a man is raising his gun to shoot her.

  The ant sees this, and runs quickly to bite the man’s leg. “Ouch! Ouch!” The man feels pained and drops his gun. The dove hears and flies away. So the man picks up his gun and leave.

  The dove comes to her nest. “Thank you, my little friend,” she says, “You have saved my life.”

  The little ant is so glad, because he can help the dove.











  Linda was a good girl, but she was often late for school.

  One day, she was late again. When she came in, Mr. Clark, her teacher said angrily, “I’ll tell you father if you are late again.” Linda didn’t want him to do that. Because her father was very strict with her.

  The next morning, Linda got up early. She hurried to school. At the school gate, she heard the first bell, “What shall I do?” she asked herself, “I’ll turn it in first.” She decided. And so she did.

  When she hurried into her classroom, Mr. Clack was already beginning his class.

  “Linda! Didn’t I tell you to be here on time?” Mr. Clack said as he as her.

  “I’m sorry, sir,” Linda tried to explain, “I’m late because I had to…?”

  “I don’t listen to any excuse,” Mr. Clack stopped her. “If you can’t get here on time, I have to tell your father.”

  “But Mr. Clack. It’s …it’s unfair!”

  “Unfair! How dare you say that?” Mr. Clack said angrily, “I’ll report you to the headmaster.

  “I was only trying to do a good idea,” Linda thought,“and now…” She couldn’t keep back her tears.

  When the bell rang for the break, the door opened and Mr. White, the headmaster came in. he was holding a wallet in his hand, “Excuse me, Mr. Clack. Is this your wallet?”

  “Oh,yes. It’s my wallet. Who found it? I must thank him.”

  “Linda found it and turned it in before school started.” Mr. Whitesaid.

  Mr. Clack face slowly turned red. He looked at Linda and said, “I’m very sorry. Linda. I take back what I said.”

  “And I’m sorry. Mr. Clack. I’ll try not to be late again.” Linda said.



  一天,琳达又迟到了。当她进来的时,她的老师克拉克先生生气说:“如果你在迟到, 我就通知你爸爸。”琳达不想他那么做,因为她爸爸对她要求很严格。





  “我不想听任何借口,“克拉克阻止道, “如果你不能准时到这儿,我不得不告诉你父亲。”










  Mark rented an accommodation with his pension near the shore. He paid annual visits there to enjoy the vivid beauty in the depths of the pure sea.


  Once, with his underwater telescope and flashlight, Mark dived along the boundary between the steep reef and the area of seaweed conservation. Suddenly, an awesome Antarctic seal with sharp teeth appeared opposite him. Every cell in his body was scared to death. But soon, he was aware that he wasn’t the target of an attack. With a neat wound in its lip caused by a shark, this grey seal was washed upside down by the tides time after time. But it tried to jog Mark as if to urge him to help it. So Mark abandoned fleeing away. With its teamwork, Mark used a net to drag the seal to the shallow water. Without pausing he helped it out after a simple operation and settled it in a narrow cave by the seaside. Every time he brought it tasty fish, it would yell and suck his hands happily. Witnesses said their anecdotes reflected a magic dimension of the relationship between humans and animals.



  Once a simpletons wife told him to buy some ice.

  Two hours later, he didnt come back. She wanted to know why he didnt come back and went out to have a look. She saw he was standing in the sun at the gate and watching the ice melting.

  Whats the matter? She asked him. Why dont you bring it in?

  I saw the ice was wet and I was afraid that you would scold me so Im running it dry. The simpleton answered.


  Jane comes to see mary after lunch.When they are talking,it begins to rain.Mary looks out of the window and says,Its raining hard,Jane.You must stay here for a long time.

  OK.says Jane.But a few minutes later,she goes out.When she returns,she is all wet through her clothes.

  where have you been?asks Mary.Ive been home,says Jane,I went to tell my mother I must stay at your home because of the rain.